Absolute Corgis



My sincerest apologies, but I will not have another litter for a few years (perhaps Fall of 2021) as concentrating on my own show puppy prospects' AKC Championships. 

A good link for Breeder referrals is: 


If later on you are interested in a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy from us, please read the following......

When we breed our dogs it is with the intention of keeping a show potential pup.  Bred for conformation, performance in herding, agility,and obedience, but first and foremost family companions.

Please note that ALL pet puppies are sold with spay/neuter contracts on AKC Limited registration ~ No exceptions.  Limited registration does NOT mean that you are purchasing a lesser quality puppy.  Limited registration means that your puppy is fully AKC registered, however, you are unable to show it in AKC conformation or to breed from it.

All puppies are sold with a health guarantee, given a complete professional evaluation by my veterinarian establishing proof of good health and up-to-date on all vaccinations before going to their new family home.  

As a member of my local PWCCA chapter, I do adhere to the PWCCA Code of Ethics.  

If you are interested in one of our Corgis the best means of contact is to e-mail me directly (  sjghanson@bellsouth.net  ) and I will provide an "Absolute PWC information sheet" and also a "Puppy Questionnaire" to complete and return.  Once received I will be happy to put you on my waiting list if I have a litter planned.  I do not even start a waiting list until I have a confirmed pregnancy with one of my girls.

I know it is hard to find quality corgi puppies right now, however, please also educate yourself and don't be open to scams either. 

ASK questions! Does the breeder do ALL of the health tests as recommended for Pembrokes? -

1)   OFA Hip x-ray for hip dysplasia,

2)   Von Willibrand (VWD) which is a blood clotting protein defect, and

3)   CERF Eye test?

Or are they only DM Testing?  Why are they only testing for DM?... is likely due to the cost of the OFA, Vwd, and CERF tests and that they are really only trying to sell puppies to make money from you and have no real concern as to the puppies health overall.

If only DM testing then you should ask why they are not also doing the recommended OFA, VWD, and CERF too? 

Do you know that there is no conclusive test for DM?  We try to do our best to produce healthy dogs, but we are also not perfect.  The gene responsible for DM has been identified but it is not a ‘cut and dry’ situation, as a dog can show as ‘affected’ ‘carrier’ or ‘clear’, however these are showing the potential risk, meaning an 'affected' dog from the genes will not necessarily ever express the condition, and only give a potential risk for that individual. Currently the only way a dog can be diagnosed with having DM is after death and the spinal cord is removed for investigation. There is currently no reliable way of diagnosis when the dog is alive.

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) has similar symptoms to DM which is another confounding factor in diagnosis.  While 96% of all Pembroke’s tested are “AT Risk”, only about 6% of Pembroke’s actually present with the disease.

Here is a link to help identify scam puppy sites:  https://www.bbb.org/puppyscam/