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About us....

We are located in the hills of Hall County in Talmo, Georgia, USA and about 40 minutes North of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Pembroke Welsh corgis have been my passion since I got my first corgi in 1979, he was a tri- boy named Tagalong and quickly followed by a red and white girl named Twinkie.  

 With this website it is my great pleasure to share with you our show successes along with other good times we have just living with our dogs which are also considered our family members.

Always learning more and more about the breed and expect to for my lifetime with breed preservation in mind.  I could not enjoy and progress in my show program without the help of my family and friends so thank you all!  I meet some of the nicest people through my dogs and looking forward to where this journey takes me.  

I am also a proud serving member of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Greater Atlanta.  

Familiarize yourself with the BREED standards (what a quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi should look like) and acceptable coat colors by using the National Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club's highly informative website under 'About Pembrokes':

 The American Kennel Club - AKC also has some wonderful programs so go to and check it out!

Absolute Corgis

Absolute Corgis

Quality AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis do not just happen.  It takes time, dedication, and understanding of the PWC Breed Standard to try and rise to the challenge.

​​Welcome and thank you for visiting!  Absolute Corgi is excited about the future of our program, specializing and dedicated

to breeding, raising, and showing the great 
Pembroke Welsh Corgi