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    Absolute Corgis is a small, hobby show farm specializing and dedicated to raising and showing the great Pembroke Welsh Corgi  
eriodically we even have a select litter of quality puppies for sale.

     Absolute Corgi's Farm is located in the hills of Hall County in Talmo, Georgia, USA and about 40 minutes North of Atlanta, GA. I have been ‘owned’ by Pembroke Welsh Corgis since 1979.  They have logged many short legged miles with me on trail rides and to the horse shows.  My husband and son have had the honor of corgi companionship for over 15 years now. 
We love our little short stuffs and their funny antics!  What a joy to see their little hopping ‘bunny butts’ playing out in the fields!

    "Absolute" Corgi is so named because I think that there is nothing that is ABSOLUTELY cuter or fun than a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!  Trusting, forgiving, and we laugh daily at the funny things that they do.  I could not enjoy and progress in my show program without the help of my family and friends so thank you all!  I meet some of the nicest people through my dogs and could not be happier about that.


"I'll teach you to jump on the wind's back, and away we go!" 
- Peter Pan
(If you look close you can almost see the faeries on the back of corgis, Darla and Mitten)

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The American Kennel Club - AKC has some wonderful programs so go to www.akc.org and check it out!

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

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** Tri-pup picture above is courtesy of Andrea and John Payne of their pup, Dylan.  Dylan is an Absolute corgi boy from our Amy X Clay litter.

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